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To win big time, you need to always be one step ahead, this is where we come in…

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The success formula in making money online is always being one step ahead of the mob.

Knowing what’s going on behind the scenes you can make the right investments, at the right time.

The Green Tree Profits Software scans hundreds of relevant news sources 24/7, which our analysts then rank along with a predicted trend.

This gives you state-of-the-art high-quality information, showing you exactly when and where to invest and make money online.

No need to study complicated investment strategies, graphs, patterns, and news reports. By using this tool you can finally make money like the experts while ‘working’ only several minutes a day from anywhere in the world.

By utilizing revolutionary high-tech software, combined with human analysis, The Green Tree Profits system is likely to cause a disruption in the scene. To ensure quality results we are limiting the amount of licenses we hand out for free during our product-launch promotional period.

This means it is crucial to get on board fast before our free promotional licenses run out…

News Intelligence Hub

By combining the automation of news-collection and human analysis Green Tree Profits' performance is unmatched.

Grown out of decades of online money-making expertise, Green Tree Profits is the disruption the industry has been waiting for.

Dedicated ANALYSIS Team

Our analysts have years of online money-making experience, analyzing each processed news report carefully to ensure the highest quality content is delivered.

With this information you are always one step ahead of the market, practically ensuring success as you build up your online fortune.

Easy to Use

Our tool does all the hard work for you, making it not only easy to use, but an incredible time-saver.

Now you no longer need expertise, nor do you have to study related news on a daily basis.

Don’t take our word for it

Let's examine real time events, how they were spotted by Green Tree Profits
software and team and how the market reacted accordingly

14 Mar, 12:00PM
Google will ban all cryptocurrency-related advertising

Google is cracking down on cryptocurrency-related advertising.

The company is updating its financial services-related ad policies to ban any advertising

Spotted by Green Tree Profits
14 Mar, 1:00 PM
Green Tree Profits Alert of expected down trend
Market Reaction
14 Mar, 2:00 PM
18 Mar, 9:47 PM
Cryptocurrencies DON'T risk world economies, Mark Carney tells G20

CYRPTOCURRENCIES do not pose a risk to world economics, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has insisted in a letter to members of the G20. Mr Carney, who is chair of the Financial Stability Board (FSB), resisted calls from some G20 members to regulate cryptocurrencies like bitcoin

Spotted by Green Tree Profits
18 Mar, 10:00 PM
Green Tree Profits Alert of expected down trend
Market Reaction
18 Mar, 11:00 PM

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money will I make?

The sky is the limit, however the average minimal profit our members make is $1,500 daily.

How much time do I need to invest every day?

Because our tool does all the hard work for you, our members typically work only around ~15 minutes a day to make strategic trades.

How many licenses do you still have available?

We only have a limited amount of Green Tree Profits licenses available, so we recommend you quickly sign up.

How much does a software license cost?

An exclusive Green Tree Profits software license costs $997

This sounds like Affiliate Marketing?

This has nothing to do with affiliate marketing; Green Tree Profits is an exclusive tool and service that provide crucial insights to cryptocurrency trading.

Are there any hidden or extra fees?

We don’t have any other fees, commissions or other hidden costs.